Auza.Net Deploys First Wireless Mesh Network In Tagbilaran City

Auza.Net deployed the initial wireless node for its wireless mesh network in Tagbilaran City on December 4, 2007.  A first in Tagbilaran and in Bohol, the project is part of the company’s thrust to provide carrier grade network services that may be used for high quality Internet access with dedicated bandwidth, private networks to connect branch offices and surveillance applications. With a total capacity of 10MBPS (upgradeable in 10MBPS increments), the infrastructure is expected to provide multiple services for the company’s clients. At high density areas, prepaid WiFi service will also be deployed.

Auza.Net used the SkyPilot family of products distributed by RAY Networks, Inc. to implement its wireless mesh network. The mesh network can serve clients with business grade Internet connectivity requirements such as call centers and other BPO firms. Businesses requiring online transactions between its branches or partners within the service area can also subscribe to Auza.Net’s private network service. City wide video surveillance requirements is also possible.

Latency between service nodes is expected to be within 15ms for single hop nodes, allowing for real-time applications to be implemented throughout the city. Busineses can simultaneously access POS applications, video surveillance and the Internet across their branches and partners.

Service bandwidth specifications are sold at 64kbps increments and is currently limited to the initial capacity of 10MBPS. Clients expecting to require such services should contact Auza.Net via at Please state your network capacity requirement, locations and expected service start and duration. Currently we already have a reservation of 4MBPS total. The wireless mesh network is expected to be operational with the initial clients on December 8, 2007 and service areas will be expanded each month. Auza.Net will also expand to Panglao within the first quarter of 2008.

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