Auza.Net Rolls Out SQL-Ledger in a SAAS Model

Auza.Net now supports an enterprise ready accounting system that has all functionalities required by any business, big or small, through an SAAS (Software As A Service) model starting February 2008. Auza.Net uses SQL-Ledger from (, an open source double entry accounting system that is web based and feature rich. The cost of maintaining an electronic record of all company transactions will be dramatically reduced through this service. At the same time, connectivity with branches and satellite offices will no longer become an issue assuming these are connected to the Internet.

In the SAAS model, the computers containing the application are hosted at a data center with multiple network connections, multiple power sources and highly secure facilities. This ensures very minimal downtime, if any, at the same time, spreads out the cost of the system on a monthly basis.

To setup up your own servers with high uptime and reliability, you need at least multiple Internet connections, backup power and high quality hardware. For this, you can easily spend Php 100,000. Then add the monthly costs for manpower, maintenance, power failures and insurance, it can easily cost another Php 3,000 to 5,000 monthly. SAAS allows you to start the service with minimal upfront costs and at reasonable monthly fees (this varies depending on the level of services required).

The servers are hosted in the U.K. and uses a Solaris based platform which is known for its rock-solid stability. Security, availability and reliability are assured by the provider while allowing the customers to perform their own local backups for added security of the data.

In SAAS model, the subscriber does not need to buy the software or get a license. The only upfront cost that would remain is the consulting fee which will be determined depending on the level of support services required. Using other solutions require you to buy a software license and for enterprise applications, this can run into millions.

Auza.Net offers 30-day free trials for interested parties. For more information, please send email to

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