TechTalk: Alcatel One Touch Nation arrives in Bohol


The brand Alcatel was one of the manufacturers who first introduced to us the mobile phone.  A few years back, they sold the famous soap-shaped mobile phone, that had a small screen with orange backlighting.  Back then, they weren’t the coolest designs you could find, but their phones were as sturdy as the phones from the brands that lead the market during that time.

That “safeguard” shaped phone was this writer’s first mobile phone.  It was handed down, and I was happy and content because it did what it had to do, and that was to text and call my friends and family. Then, as more phones and brands eventually entered the country, the manufacturer Alcatel suddenly went silent.

Surprise comeback:

I call it a surprise comeback because, well, I think they just came out of nowhere and attacked the Philippine mobile industry again.  The last time I saw an Alcatel phone was, I think during 2010.  It was one of my friend’s phones and I was surprised at how chic and sleek their designs were becoming.

Then, enter this year, particularly yesterday, at the BQ Mall Atrium, where the Alcatel One Touch Nation proudly presented their five new mobile phones.   Save N’ Earn has gathered the market’s mobile phone manufacturers and put them together for an Expo in time with the TBTK celebrations.

The Phones:

The onetouch 810D Glam:  The phone especially made for the ladies.

 Specs: Dual Sim; Expandable Memory up to 16GB; MP3 Player and FM Radio

The onetouch 918N Glory:  Alcatel describes it just as it is, Easy, practical and fun.

Specs:  Android 2.3 Gingerbread; Capacitive Touch; 3G+ HSDPA; Facebook; Wi-Fi; Dual Sim

The onetouch 918N GloryX:  Dreaming of an affordable yet stylish Android phone? This is it!

Specs:  Android 2.3 Gingerbread; Capacitive Touch; 3G+ HSDPA; Facebook; 3.0mp Camera; Wi-Fi; Dual Sim

The onetouch 985N Blaze:  The more sophisticated, yet still budget friendly Android phone

Specs:  Android 2.3 Gingerbread; Sub Camera; Mutli-Touch; Wi-Fi; Dual Sim; G-Sensor; AGPS; 3G+ HSDPA; 5.0 MP Camera

The onetouch 995 Sapphire HD:   Alcatel’s most sophisticated Smartphone yet. This unit boasts of specs  fit for the seasoned smartphone user, but comes in a lower price.

 Specs:  Android 2.3.5; 4.3” display; HD video; 1.4 GHZ processor; 5MP Camera; 3G+ HSDPA

Alcatel’s phones have come a long way from their previous designs.  They have already been successful globally, and have come back to the Philippines to provide phones that can compete with both high end and feature units.  This has made the market a better place for the consumers to choose the phones that can best suit their needs and their budget, and a better assurance that we can have products that are more competitive and worth every peso that we pay.

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