Auza.Net Offers Free Listing on Bohol.Info Business Directory

Auza.Net is kicking off data collection for its latest website project on April 18, 2013 at the Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City.  The website is a business directory that gives micro and small businesses the opportunity to have an online presence via a web page on for free.  If needed, a webpage may be claimed by the business owner so that he can update the page as needed when promotions change.


The data collection is a two month event where business owners will have the opportunity to have their businesses listed or updated and also learn more about  The website currently has about four thousand entries already and is actively used by the early adopters Auza.Net has invited in the past few months.

Bohol.Info is unique among the other online business directories focusing on Bohol because aside from the usual online marketing efforts, Auza.Net will also promote Bohol.Info via traditional means like newspapers, radio, mall events and banners in strategic areas around the province.  The “offline” promotions will commence by May 2013.

Business owners are invited to try to promote their companies and their products and services and enjoy the ability to update their Bohol.Info webpage anytime for two months.  All they need to do is purchase at least Php150 from any establishment within ICM and present the receipt to the Auza.Net staff at the Bohol.Info booth near the activity center.

A Bohol.Info web page is a much cheaper alternative compared to a regular website in order to have an online presence.  Plus there is the benefit of local “offline” promotions.  Already there are purchasing officers using Bohol.Info to look for suppliers.


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