Auza.Net Supplies Genuine Vivanco Structured Cabling Products

Auza.Net has started to supply genuine structured cabling products manufactured by Vivanco, a leading German manufacturer of CAT-5e, CAT-6 , fiber optic cables and structured cabling accessories. Vivanco has a manufacturing plant in China and can ship directly to the Philippines. Vivanco products are exclusively distributed in the country by D-Flex Solutions, Inc.

Initially, Auza.Net will accept orders via email at There are plans of selling the Vivanco products online for easy ordering in Bohol and even anywhere in the country without local Vivanco product dealers.

Business owners who want to have reliable networks should ensure that cables and accessories are genuine and the supplier can assure that these pass standards.

The use of cheap, sub-standard products may appear to be a low cost approach to setting up a wired network. However, in the long run, it becomes an expensive venture because of the need for frequent troubleshooting and oftentimes, replacement of the sub-standard materials.

Choosing a great cabling partner and using genuine products like those from Vivanco helps ensure that investments in structured cabling will be for the long term.

Auza.Net stands behind the quality of Vivanco products being itself a user of Vivanco product for its own network and of its clients. D-Flex Solutions, Inc., aside from distributing the network products, it also is providing the technical support that end users may require.

Customers with relatively large structured cabling installations who require network certification can also avail of D-Flex’s free network certification.

From today, you can order twisted pair cables, key stone jacks (RJ45), patch panels and patch cords for both CAT5e and CAT6 in shielded or unshielded configuration. Cabinet, racks, shelves, cable managers and other accessories are also available.


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