rSPOT WiFi Access

Auza.Net and Raynetworks, Inc. developed a turn-key solution called rSPOT (TM) for providing secure WiFi Internet access to your customers or employees at a very affordable price.  The system includes a login page that automatically is displayed if the user has not yet authenticated.  rSPOT cards or vouchers containing an account number and password is used for authentication.

The business owner can decide to give free access by giving out the rSPOT cards to customers or sell the rSPOT cards to users needing Internet access.  The system is currently used at Dunkin Donuts CPG Avenue (Tagbilaran), Bohol Bee Farm (Panglao), Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa (Panglao), Cafe de France (Marina Mall, Mactan) and Hall of Justice (Cagayan de Oro).

rSPOT system may be bundled with Auza.Net’s premium Internet Access service in Bohol.