Bohol.Info is the premier online business directory and events in Bohol.  It is promoted both online and “offline” on traditional media like newspapers, radio, mall events, banners in strategic areas and flyers.

Bohol.Info is useful for looking up contact information of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that may not have any form of online presence.


A webpage on is an alternative and low cost solution to a full website.  If you already have a website, it is a good complement to your website and will help add traffic to your website.

Advertising spots on is limited in order to provide users a good experience using the website.  Other business directories overwhelm the user with unwanted advertisements.

The ratings and reviews help add credibility to your web page and helps provide feedback to the business owner.

Listing on is free.  If you need to update your page information, you need to claim ownership for a small monthly or annual fee.  If you need to update information about your company and products and services frequently, getting the annual ownership will give you the convenience of being able to update the information anytime.  If you only need to update your website information occasionally, you may pay only the monthly fee whenever you need to update your website information.

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