Web Development And Maintenance

Web Development and Maintenance Package

Our Web Development and Maintenance service takes the complexity and hassle out of deploying a website.  Most SMEs may not be willing to hire someone just to maintain the company website because the work involved, although highly technical, is not a full time job.  It may only be a few days work each month so outsourcing this job to Auza.Net is an attractive option.

The package includes the following:

  1. Implementation of the website using WordPress, a very popular, easily maintainable and highly customizable content management system.  The client will be assigned accounts that they can use to update certain content like news, press releases and blogs on their own.
  2. Customization of a WordPress template to include company logo and pictures, color scheme and company and product information.  Our design principles are simplicity, useability, content priority over decoration and lightweight pages to ensure that your potential customers can access the information they need immediately rather than get distracted by flashing designs.
  3. Input of initial content.  This may include company profile, product information, service description, news and press releases, pictures and videos.
  4. Training of authorized person to add and update website information.  This may be done onsite or via conference call.  Onsite training expenses, transportation and accomodations to be covered by the client.
  5. Annual contract for website maintenance which includes:  update of WordPress to latest versions, minor design modifications and input or revision content.

All these for just Php7,999/year!

Optional Add-ons

  1. Domain registration — $15/year for .com, .org and .net domains, Php2500 for .edu.ph/year, Php 4000 for first two years of a .ph domain.
  2. DNS configuration — Php 1000 for initial configuration, Php500/modification.  This is usually not required unless you have unique DNS requirements.
  3. Web hosting service — we can provide a web host for your website.  We host our websites on the Rackspace Cloud, a proven reliable platform for websites.  We haven’t had any major downtime on the cloud and this is good for your website.
  4. Backup (Php 2,000/year/GB used) — we backup all your data and files daily, weekly and monthly.  There will be 7 days of daily backup, 4 weeks of weekly backup and 12 monthly backups.  This ensures that you can restore your site to any of the backed up image.  Without this service, you need to rely on your web host to provide the backups.


  • The client has to provide all content, logos, pictures, videos and other media required.