Website Management

If you need a company website, an online store or a listing website for the members of your organization, Auza.Net’s website management solution is the answer.  Our solution includes everything you need to get your website up and running plus we offer optional services to help you build your website.

Focus your resources on your core business and don’t worry about name servers, CMS updates and other technical stuff.  We will do the hard work for you in setting up your website and keeping it running so you can focus on running your business.

We put all websites that we manage on an advanced hosting platform with an up time guarantee of close to 100%.   Be assured of automatic scaling in case your website becomes very popular.  Your website stays fast and responsive even if there are hundreds of thousands of page views per day.

Avoid embarrassing “Account Suspended” messages when customers open your website because you have exceeded the limits of the overrated “unlimited” hosting services that are really limited.  Our hosting platform does not turn off your website at the important time when it gets a lot of hits, like when you launch a promo that becomes popular.   We understand that your website should stay popular so when it does, we keep it that way.  If becomes such a big time hit all the time, we will discuss even more capable hosting options with you to ensure your website stays up.

We use WordPress for most of our implementations to simplify our support work and standardize our internal procedures. WordPress is very easy to use, has automated software updates and is a very stable content management solution. In addition, there are hundreds of themes and plugins which can make your website unique and functional.

Subscribing to Auza.Net’s website management service assures you that after the launch, there are highly skilled people behind your website who will keep it running and ready for the time when your Internet marketing efforts go big time.